Infrastructure Funding

Give your project a green light

Whether a public or private goal is a series of street improvements, utility extensions to a developing part of town, or a Centro revitalization that requires a series of targeted improvements, success depends on securing the funding to make it happen.

With principals experienced in identifying and implementing both public and private financing solutions, Velociti360 can help to analyze and evaluate the feasibility of many different types of funding tools:

  • Tax increment financing/urban renewal
  • Development impact fees
  • Local improvement and other special districts
  • Local-option taxes and fees
  • Federal, state, and regional grants
  • Capital improvement plans
  • Special revenue streams (parking meters)
  • Bonds
  • Public-private partnerships

Just as important as a set of tools is the strategic approach we bring to funding projects. We recognize that project funding presents a political challenge as much as a technical one—and that the right champions and constituencies need to be aligned and enthusiastic in order to win support.