About Us

Urban strategists and development advisors, is committed to our clients’ real estate success as measured through People, Places, and Prosperity.

Understanding and responding to the needs of people—families, communities, businesses, and industry—forms the basis for our practice.

We meet people’s needs by assisting in the creation of great places: classic residential neighborhoods, bustling downtowns, business parks and next-generation industrial facilities, thriving waterfronts, town centers, resort communities, and more.

Through our decades of experience, thorough analysis, and dedicated focus, we strive to make the communities we serve more prosperous—as measured by quality jobs, business health, fiscal stability, and incomes, but also in terms of quality of life and a community’s ability to adapt and thrive.

Our goal is to cultivate prosperity, for people and places, in the fullest sense of the word.

Velociti360 believes that—when we unite our expertise in urban real estate, planning, and deal making with the talent of our clients, collaborators, and the public—great things are possible.

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