Financial Analysis

Testing revenues, costs, and return

Every real estate endeavor needs a business plan, whether it’s a mixed-use project or a new city hall. Velociti360 assists private and public sector clients to identify target markets, forecast revenues including leases and sales, estimate costs with the help of architects and construction professionals, and establish rate of return targets.

We prepare preliminary financial analyses during early planning stages to help project partners make fundamental choices about size, scale, density, and mix of uses to be included in a project. We conduct more fine-grained sensitivity analyses as projects get closer to financing and construction in order to provide clients with additional confidence about the timing of revenues and the depth of demand. As with our other assignments, creative thinking is a hallmark of our approach. If the project program isn’t quite right, we work with our clients and their teams to evaluate new funding sources, different tenant mixes, or revise site plans in order to arrive at a successful project and a healthy cash flow.